Understanding Erections and Male ejaculation


Trying to understand premature ejaculation by itself is like trying to understand why a team has poor defense without any knowledge of football. Understanding how a man gets an erection and what gets him to come is imperative in order to understand why a man may have a pre-ejaculation problem.

There is two ways a man becomes hard, physical stimulation and mental stimulation.

A male’s groin area has approximately four thousand nerves in the tip that connect to nerves that go all the way up through his spinal cord directly to the cerebral cortex. This complex system is responsible for a man’s ability to become erect and to ejaculate.

If a man was completely impaired from having cognitive thought it would be possible for an erection to happen, this is what is referenced to as physical stimulation. Physical stimulated erection without any mental stimulation added is rare, hence why men enjoy the visual of porn, sexy lingerie, gestures, and sexually implied conversation.

This makes it difficult for a man to differentiate between a purely physical erection and one with mental stimulation.

Even when a man masturbates he is somehow engaging into a type of mental stimulation to increase his arousal state and to come quicker almost like skipping through a movie to the best scenes.

When a man reaches the climax or the emission/ ejaculatory phase, his body signals through his nervous system to his testicles telling his sperm to start making the journey to the ejaculatory duct then to the prostate gland where it will mix with fluids making semen. The semen then collects in urethra bulb, once a fair amount collects it goes into the urethra and shoots out due to the perineal muscle contracting.

For a man trying to avoid pre-ejaculating it may be as simple as limiting physical foreplay on him or for him to use breathing techniques with mental pictures of something that is unrelated to sex.

A male friend of mine stated to me that he needs to please the women first in order for him to be able to come, in short the physical act itself isn’t enough but the mental stimulation is what he needs in order to come.