How ejaculation relates to the nervous system?


I know this sounds redundant to many guys however there is a lot to be said about foreplay in the bedroom. It is necessary for a man to have long staying power in order to satisfy his partner.

Just like in football, the commentary pre-game helps to set the mood for the game and for viewers to stick around until the last play. By engaging your partner before the actual act of sex itself the stage is set for your partner to become aroused and more likely to come before the last play of the game. While commentary may be the stage setter then half time is the pause the nervous system needs in order to complete the game.

This ‘pause’ can only be understood when the nervous system is understood. The nervous system is responsible for sending and receiving messages from the brain. Imagine picking up your cell phone and calling a friend, now think about how a cell phone works. The nervous system is a lot like a cell phone; we send and receive messages almost instantly and as long as the connections are good we can do multiple processes at once.

When you run too many systems at once on your cell phone it tends to become hot and the information intensive processes slow down, much like our nervous system during sex. When a man’s nervous system becomes activated during sex a message goes up to the brain then back down causing the system to slowly work its way into ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ mode that raises the heart rate and causes the pc muscles to become tense resulting in ejaculation. The faster the nervous system is working the faster this process is, what that means for the man having sex is the less your doing during sex the quicker you will come!

Since it is natural for thought processes to narrow during the act of sex due to our systems switching from ‘rest and digest’ to ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ it is imperative to slow the switch over as much as possible. The way this works as a general rule is the longer it takes for system to enter ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ the longer you last in bed which is more than appreciated by your partner!