Arousal control techniques – Learn to control your sexual responses


I love half time during the football game; it is the perfect time to take care of my game needs before the next play. Arousal control techniques are the same as half time and the time in between plays. While it is important to be active while on the field it is also important for your players to know what play it is!

By this I mean that by controlling your body and mind during the act of sex it allows for you, not your nervous system, to control when you come! This means having the opportunity to win the game and nothing is better than having your team win the big game. Again, just like in football, inexperience and lack of knowledge will lose every time. Knowing what plays to call and who to put in can mean the difference between seeing the whole game through to a blowout in the end or running out of steam before half time.

Being able to control your level of arousal (or horniness) before and during sex allows for greater satisfaction for your partner and yourself! Imagine watching the game; both teams are tied through the entire game the fourth quarter comes after a long commercial break and the key player is injured shortly after the first play of the fourth quarter.

Your team loses the game and now you’re out of the playoffs, tough luck?

Luck hardly ever wins games. Skill and strategy win more games than dumb luck, so why should sex be any different?

Having your arousal under control makes the difference between losing the big game and going on into the playoffs but why stop at the playoffs? Its Super Bowl winners that are remembered!

Having my man go down in the fourth quarter for me is like pre-ejaculation in the bedroom; it’s disappointing and almost makes you want to switch teams next season except I’m a Vikings fan and I’m used to disappointment just not in the bedroom! Using arousal control techniques ensure a playoff game win every time and a Super Bowl win plus the ring that goes with it.

By the way, dopamine – serotonin balance plays a huge role in controlling arousal.