The Sensual Tantric Sex techniques!


Regular sex is like playing football without plays, quarters, or even basic game rules; Tantric Sex turns a man from a guy just tossing a ball around into a Super Bowl winner! The difference isn’t the man himself; it is what the man does that makes the difference!

The bare basic idea of Tantric Sex is changing the mind and body from reacting to stimulation to seeing and feeling the stimulation with all the senses. Taking your time to kiss your partners lips and while you’re kissing their lips just feel the lips against yours then leave it at that.

The feeling and sensation of your partners lips is the only thing that is on your mind in that moment, just like an Olympic runner running a race. Exceptional athletes, like an Olympic runner, describe what they call a ‘game face’ or ‘mind in the game’; Tantric Sex is a lot like having your mind in the game.

Tantric Sex involves opening one’s mind to the sensations going on before, during, and after sex by slowing and calming your mind with each feeling and sensation. By remaining calm, you keep your body from entering ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ preventing ejaculation prolonging your ability to perform longer and to respond to the needs of your partner ensuring greater satisfaction for both of you!

The idea is to stimulate your partner while you remain in a state of awareness yet detached from the stimulation. If you have ever been teased before then you know the feeling of being built up gaining a sense of urgency to come, once that same sensation begins to enter your body you now have entered the point of no return.

Once you become attached you begin to engage your body into the process towards ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ and lose control of your orgasm. The idea of being able to choose when the urgency hits you allows greater possibilities of sensuality with your partner making for a more satisfying and fulfilling sex life. One of the biggest parts of Tantric Sex is allowing your mind to experience the sensual while taking the focus away from eroticism and orgasm of one’s self then shifting it to that of your partner’s orgasm.