Breathing techniques to delay ejaculation


Have you ever been waiting for an important interview with a potential client, new boss, or employer with that feeling of worry sitting on your chest?

More than likely at this point you would consciously or subconsciously take a deep breath and that feeling would begin to subside slightly. That is why breathing is so important for arousal control. Breathing consciously allows for greater control of your body which in turn allows for greater control of your ejaculation.

When allowing your body to do what it naturally does, physical stimulation will allow for mental stimulation which in turn continues the cycle of your body doing what it naturally does. This means that if you’re having sex your body is going to ejaculate as quickly as possible because that’s how your body is naturally made!

By taking control of your body’s natural processes with breathing it opens a door to allow you to change the mental stimulation you’re experiencing. This is all happening in a matter of seconds and by taking the time to be aware and control your breathing you add valuable seconds to change what your body will naturally make you do.

The right way to breathe is very important if you want to achieve a higher level of physical control over your body and ejaculation. There is only one right way to breathe and that is with your diaphragm. Short, choppy breathes only increase your heart rate causing you to ejaculate quicker and huge gasping breathes forcing yourself to breathe in a very unnatural way causes you to lose focus thus ejaculating sooner.

As a general rule when you are properly breathing with your diaphragm you will not hear your breathing. Imagine a string through your head down to your groin when you are breathing properly through your diaphragm it will feel as though the string from your head is being pulled towards your groin.

Practicing this breathing while working out or any other physical activity can help you practice breathing properly for when you are having sex ensuring you have greater control over your body and mind.