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Stud 100 is a well known and well sure remedy for difficulties with early is also popular by couples who simply desire to prolong their delight. Nevertheless, Yohimbe is flagged by the FDA as a product of anxiety and is understood to cause adverse unwanted effects in several men.

What I do here, I hunt up resources from merchandise’s sites, user’s reviews and all advice online, which I essentially write down genuine reviews according to my years of expertise from knowledge, ideas, and views. Guys who have problems with premature ejaculation due to over sensitivity of the organ, along with couples who would like to prolong the enjoyment of the sexual act may reap the benefits of using Stud 100.

Can be utilized with condoms: Stud 100 continues to be examined with top brand latex condoms and meets the BSI Test Protocol.

It’s a spray established product that’s imported from England and is advertised as an item which reduces male genital susceptibility to help “delay ejaculation” and helps you to delay ejaculation in cases of over-rapid or “premature ejaculation”.

According to them, it is the one male spray formula to make use of it without seeing a physician to get a prescription piece plus it is accessible online for many guys to make use of.

Nevertheless, one problem with Yohimbe is the fact that long-term use can cause horrible unwanted effects.

I ordered some of this desensitising spray to perhaps help me last a little longer in bed. Just wondering as it says on it’s website “STUD 100® is easy to use and works quickly. It’s a mild anesthetic, sprayed on to the penis 5 to 15 minutes before intercourse. Clinical trials have proven that it is quick-acting, safe and effective – and you don’t need a prescription or medical consultation. ” And I have searched up a few previous threads that it is often used and then a condom put over the penis.

My gf and I use the pill so I get the glory of unprotected sex XD. Anyway before the action starts I can go to the toilet and put it on, I hope, and I really am worried that if it doesn’t have enough time to sink in that it could cause her vagina to turn numb as well which could be pretty embarrassing and defeat the purpose.

However, that didn’t happen and we enjoyed the sex very much.

Now, let’s begin with the real review!


Stud 100 Male Genital Desensitizer Spray: Pros and cons

In accordance with the producers, it is possible to take advantage of this spray 10 to a quarter hour ahead of your lovemaking session.

Doug:stud 100 numbs the head and penis that’s what lidocaine does as a external. In the event that you would like to survive even more then you may also spray on the penis but take care to not allow it to get in your balls!

Fast acting STUD 100 delays ejaculation by temporarily cutting down the sensitivity of the organ. This delay spray can be your ideal companion if you want to include fire for your otherwise routine sex life.

Together with all the discussion of possibly dangerous negative effects of operation and apparatus the pills have become a increasingly more appealing option for a lot of guys.

On the plus side I did not have any difficulties with side effects like burning or tingling. Using Lidocaine with this function is safe and successful, and Stud 100 is the leader of the pack. After utilizing the spray: If you or your partner create a rash or discomfort discontinue utilizing the spray. It comes in a tiny pump action canister which readily lets you spray as little or as much as you would like.

What I am saying in this, in the event you plan to work with the stud 100 make sure it drys real nicely..but by that stage you will be numb as well as the sexual feeling is going to be gone…or at least it was for me. All the best and that I am hoping you get the effects you would like.

It is been in existence for more than 20 years, which may be due to the straightforward effectiveness against premature ejaculation. If your plan is to participate in oral action, you ought to make an effort to use Stud 100 a little earlier to provide it a bit more hours to totally absorb.

The spray will be to be placed on the penis head in addition to the shaft of the member ahead of the sex. But do not mistake this spray to be a treatment for premature ejaculation because you need to use it every time before having sex. The Stud delay spray features approximately 120 sprays and is non toxic, odourless and ozone friendly.

Facts you should know about Stud 100 spray

For optimum outcomes, you need to spray Stud 100 to the head and shaft of your dick 5 – 15 minutes prior to sex. The aerosol numbs one to the stage which you will not feel any happiness for a long time.

We found one specific retailer at that time of the review selling Stud 100 for $5.48. This cost is for a 12 g bottle of the merchandise.

The active ingredient in Stud 100 Delay Spray is Lidocaine 9.6% (7.7 milligrams per metered spray). I have tried many such products but none is as fulfilled as Stud 100 spray. Stud desenitising spray has a light anesthetic that will be sprayed onto the penis 5 to a quarter hour before sex. As a spray, it does not permeate into the body’s important systems and does not stay on when applied.

I have used both the condom and also the liquid (not stud 100) but I did not enjoy the feeling because I had a numb cock and I did not have any feelings at all.

Since this merchandise has existed for such a long time, there were numerous reviews including positive to negative, but most dropped someplace in the center.

This might be occurring because; your member nerves are receiving conditioned to the spray and want more amount each and every time. Remained numbing of a specific nerve might have long lasting adverse effects.

There are not any reports of unwanted effects that my research uncovered, some reports of allergic reactions, most likely as a result of lidocaine, and apparently only with individuals who haven’t ever used lidocaine before.

Viagra excites the erection, whereas STUD 100 helps delay ejaculation, ensuring longer-lasting sex. While some users did report more lasting sex, others reported a entire lineup of negative unwanted effects for example malady, burning and rash.


I came across that I really could go considerably more with Stud 100 than without – that I’m sure of! Now there’s an all new aerosol male sexual enhancement called VigRx Delay Spray which they’ve several signs that using the formula, it is possible to be prepared to control premature ejaculation, increase sexual power and perfomance, which treats erectile dysfunction for harder, stronger erections, and a number of other sexual progress.

This particular delay is packaged in an aerosol container delivering a pre-measured metered spray for managed application and simplicity of use. It is your decision to really see whether it is worthwhile. My biggest guidance: wipe the spray from the thingy before penetration (the skin does not consume it). Nevertheless, it’s located there are several unwanted effects from using too much of the merchandise.

The ejaculation delay spray minimises sensitivity of the male organ which allows for considerably longer and more continuous enjoyment. Yet, despite the Stud 100, you are going to have significantly more control over your ejaculations and have the ability to meet your partner better!

Yet, it additionally has mixed reviews from your negative statements, for example a burning feeling, does not work, “score less” and your partner will understand that you used something because of the strong smell.

Stud Delay Spray additionally holds the good thing about a light skin lubricant, is colourless, odourless, condom safe and ozone friendly.

There are lots of postponement sprays available out there, but Stud 100 is worth giving a shot. There are not any lifestyle changes entailed, no harm or unwanted effects to worry about and no complex directions to read through. Products with actual science to back them up are a whole lot more efficient than this spray.

However, in my humble opinion, Vigrx Delay spray is better as it’s not lidocaine based, rather benzocaine based.

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