What causes premature ejaculation?


There is nothing I hate more than being in bed with my lover and after what seems to be a few hot and heavy moments he pre-ejaculates, leaving me with a sigh and promising to perform later in the evening that doesn’t seem to ever come soon enough. (No pun intended). This issue is really thirty thousand years of evolution.

If getting pregnant is the goal, premature ejaculation isn’t a problem because it won’t hurt the reproductive purposes unless a man ejaculates even before penetration. About a thousand years ago in Sparta it was common practice for a man to kidnap his wife and get her pregnant to consummate their marriage. Thankfully, sex has become a leisurely activity for us women however for the modern man his body is still hardwired like his Spartan ancestors even if his abs are not from The 300.

For those of us wanting to have an active sex life, pre-ejaculation can hinder a man’s ability to get and keep a sexual partner. A man’s ability to satisfy a women’s lust for the carnal pleasure has become an invisible measuring stick to measure a man’s manhood and worthiness of companionship. In fact, one of the chief complaints among women is that her man gets off before she even comes close to having an orgasm.

In some of these situations relationship problems, underlying mental health issues, hormonal issues, and various health issues can affect a man’s ability to avoid premature ejaculation. Assuming the man is completely healthy, he could have a history of trying to conceal his masturbation and thus hurry him to climax causing future episodes of premature ejaculation with his partner hence why younger men tend to pre-ejaculate more than older men.

There are various techniques and products to help a man who struggles with pre-ejaculation. Before considering any type of measure it is recommended that you consult your doctor to ensure there isn’t an underlying health problem to be addressed. Speaking with your doctor about pre-ejaculation may seem embarrassing; it still should not deter you from finding a solution and additional information.

It is possible that your doctor’s reassurance by restating that premature ejaculation is a very common problem may help alleviate any performance anxiety that may have been interfering with performance in the past.